The company
Who is the ARCH2O GMBH?

ArcH2O GmbH is an association of specialists from the fields of architecture and interior decorating, sports facility and swimming pool construction, general contracting, marketing and operation, plus community construction financing, who have had decades of experience in their fields.

The objective, and at the same time the philosophy, of the company is to bundle the synergy potential in the knowledge, skills and experience from the various areas of expertise, enabling the team to offer turnkey solutions for community construction projects which in particular

are future-oriented with respect to energy costs and operation
are based on a modular system to allow simple expansion
offer good value for money
are handed over as turnkey facilities at a guaranteed fixed price (including fixtures) and with a guaranteed completion date
are offered with a matching financing concept and
an operator concept

One product into which ARCH2O GMBH has poured all of its conceptional objectives is the Tournesol All-Weather Swimming Pool, a combination indoor/outdoor swimming pool, which can be expanded by the modules sauna / wellness / health / fitness / aerobics and much more.

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